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26" Unisex Bike

Standard Size Bike For Most Adults and Teens (fits anyone 5’-6’2") **Includes Wire Basket

26" Unisex Bike with Childseat

Standard Size Bike also Includes a Childseat for Child up to 35 lbs. **Includes Wire Basket **Includes Helmet for child (please select on checkout page)

24" Unisex Bike

Sized For Smaller Adults or Bigger Children (fits anyone 4'6"-5’2") Includes Wire Basket

20" Children's Bike

Fits most 6-9 year olds

20" Bicycle With Training Wheels

Fits Most 6-9 Year Olds (includes training wheels)

16" Children's Bike

Fits Most 3-5 Year Olds

16" Bicycle With Training Wheels

Fits Most 3-5 Year Olds (includes training wheels)


A Tandem Attachment For Ages 4.5 to 8 (weight limit 85lbs.) 26" or 24" bike MUST be ordered seperately. We do not rent this item without one of our bikes. (Tag-A-Long Only - Does Not Include Bike)

Burley Trailer "For Children"

A trailer designed to carry One or Two children (accommodates up to 100lbs.) These trailers ARE NOT for carrying beach items or pets. (Trailer Only - Does Not Include Bike)

Burley Flatbed Trailer

Great way to carry larger items to and from the beach or for a trip to the grocery store. (Hauls up to 100 lbs.) (Trailer Only - Does Not Include Bike)

26" Men's Bike

For Tall Men (fits 6'3" to 6'10") **Includes Wire Basket

Adult Tricycle

For Adults Not Able to Ride on 2 Wheeled Bike (May Not Be Ridden On Beach)

Tandem Bicycle

Front Seat is Good for 5'2" and Up - Rear Seat is Good for 4'6" and Up (May Not Be Ridden on Beach)

Large/X-Large Helmet

Adult Helmet (fits head size 22-3/4" to 24-1/2")

Small/Medium Helmet

Helmet For Children and Smaller Adults (fits head size 21-1/4" to 22-3/4')

Extra Small Helmet

Fits tiny little people (most children up to 18 months)

Boogie Board

7' Beach Umbrella

A perfect way to give yourself some shade while you enjoy the beach. Sets up in a matter of minutes and can be taken to the beach at any time of the day. No need to be stuck being without an umbrella! (Umbrella Only - Chairs Rented Seperately)

Beach Chair

Back Pack Chair. Easy to transport and super comfy to use on the beach. Have your chair set up where you want it and when you want it.

Beach Cart

Easy to Push. Allows you to carry up to 4 chairs, an umbrella, a cooler, and other beach items. Includes a cooler! (Chairs and Umbrella Rented Seperately)

Foldable Wagon

Great to pull little ones to the beach, pool, or playground. Works great to move all of your beach necessities to the beach too.