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26" Unisex Bike

Standard Size Bike For Most Adults and Teens (fits anyone 5’-6’2") **Includes Wire Basket

26" Unisex Bike with Childseat

Standard Size Bike also Includes a Childseat for Child up to 35 lbs. **Includes Wire Basket **Includes Helmet for child (please select on checkout page)

24" Unisex Bike

Sized For Smaller Adults or Bigger Children (fits anyone 4'6"-5’2") Includes Wire Basket

20" Children's Bike

Fits most 6-9 year olds

20" Bicycle With Training Wheels

Fits Most 6-9 Year Olds (includes training wheels)

16" Children's Bike

Fits Most 3-5 Year Olds

16" Bicycle With Training Wheels

Fits Most 3-5 Year Olds (includes training wheels)


A Tandem Attachment For Ages 4.5 to 8 (weight limit 85lbs.) 26" or 24" bike MUST be ordered seperately. We do not rent this item without one of our bikes. (Tag-A-Long Only - Does Not Include Bike)

Burley Trailer "For Children"

A trailer designed to carry One or Two children (accommodates up to 100lbs.) These trailers ARE NOT for carrying beach items or pets. (Trailer Only - Does Not Include Bike)

Burley Flatbed Trailer

Great way to carry larger items to and from the beach or for a trip to the grocery store. (Hauls up to 100 lbs.) (Trailer Only - Does Not Include Bike)

26" Men's Bike

For Tall Men (fits 6'3" to 6'10") **Includes Wire Basket

Adult Tricycle

For Adults Not Able to Ride on 2 Wheeled Bike (May Not Be Ridden On Beach)

Tandem Bicycle

Front Seat is Good for 5'2" and Up - Rear Seat is Good for 4'6" and Up (May Not Be Ridden on Beach)

Large/X-Large Helmet

Adult Helmet (fits head size 22-3/4" to 24-1/2")

Small/Medium Helmet

Helmet For Children and Smaller Adults (fits head size 21-1/4" to 22-3/4')

Extra Small Helmet

Fits tiny little people (most children up to 18 months)

Boogie Board